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What Is Your Quiet Time!!!

I was sitting in my backyard on a March afternoon. The sun was shinning, a light breeze blowing. What a beautiful afternoon it was. Ahh the smell of a backyard fire. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting on a deck with a fire burning. This is what rejuvenates me. It is so relaxing. This is where I recharge my batteries so to speak. This is my time.

We all need my time. We all need alone time. Whether it be 5 minutes or an hour or 2. We all need it. We need it to reconnect with ourselves. With our inner being. This is mine.

What is yours. For you it may be different. It could reading a book. It could be writing. It could knitting or crossword puzzles. It could be anything at all. But we all need time to rediscover ourselves. To know who we are. To discover where our journey is leading us.

In this busy life of ours, this of the utmost importance. Take time in your busy life to reconnect with yourself. If you do this you will become a better person. A better version of yourself. That is the goal to be a better version of yourself.

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