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Louis Hounjet

"We all have stories, this is mine."



Life Presents


My name is Louis Hounjet. I am a certified life coach, prayer minister, author, speaker, husband, father, grandfather, son, and friend. We all have stories, this is mine...


In 1979, my oldest sister was diagnosed with cancer. She fought a hard battle for four years, but succumbed to this disease. Five years later my other sister also developed cancer. Her battle was only a

year. Thirteen months later my father - in-law passed away from a massive heart attack. Now three people I loved were gone. I did the only thing I knew how. I buried myself in my work, distancing myself from my family. My mind perceived that those I loved and were close to would also die. This led me to believe I needed to distance myself and push those I loved away, especially my wife and kids. This was
the only way I knew how to deal with all the pain. Then in 1994 my niece was killed in a car accident. I closed myself in even more and built the wall around me even higher. This took a toll on our marriage, finally leading to separation. I was devastated. My world came crashing down on me.






I’ve had people in my life that helped me deal with these tragedies. In 2013 dad passed away. Then in 2016 my niece died from cancer. This time I learned from these tragedies and chose not to dwell on them or withdraw from my family. I have used these tragedies to move ahead. This motivates me to let others know they are not alone.


For many years I wondered how I can help others who are dealing with their own tragedies in life. I became a life coach in 2015 and a prayer minister in 2009. I use both methods to help others. I can offer to do prayer ministry with others or be a life coach. The choice is yours. It’s up to you what you want. I hope what I have shared with you will give you baby steps to begin your own journey to happiness and wholeness. This is your journey. You deserve happiness and love. Go for it. You are not alone.



Why I 

Can Help


Louis Hounjet has a number of certifications to make him a qualified life coach and prayer minister, including: 

  • Prayer Ministry Course | Elijah House (2009)

  • Life Coach Certification | Universal Class (2016)

  • World Class Speakers Alliance | Lisa Nichols (2017)

  • Toastmaster’s Member |  2017 

  • Life Coach & Speaker | John Maxwell (2019)

A Life


Let Me 



Investing in yourself, in today’s world, is of the utmost importance. A life coach can help, by working with you to better your relationships, heal broken relationships, break a bad relationship, or create happier relationships. We can work together as you heal from grief and discover what your new normal is after loss. How can you be yourself again and make sense of life after loss.


Some questions we ask ourselves at times like this include: What can I do to move ahead in my career?Is this the right career? What do I need to do to improve? Do I want to start my own business? These are all questions we ask ourselves. I took the plunge and invested in myself, which led me to this point of coaching and prayer ministry. We invest in everything else, so why not invest in Ourselves?

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