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Starting the New Year

As we reflect on the past year. What have we accomplished in the past year? Yes I know it was a difficult year, but let’s not use this as an excuse. I did some soul searching this past week. I counted up the hours I spent working on my podcasts, blogs and writing. I came to the realization that I wasted a lot of time in the past year. I could have used my time more useful. I could have done more in 2021.

I have written down what I want to accomplish for 2022. It’s a lot more than I have in any other year. It’s an achievable goal. Don’t make your goals out of reach. You will get discouraged for not achieving them. Make your goals attainable and realistic. Also push yourself to the limit. Review your goals regularly. Make adjustments throughout the year and tweak them as needed.

Let’s make 2022 a year when you look back and say that we made a difference one person at a time. One day at a time.

Happy New Year

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