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Smiling - Sense of Humor

Life can be so serious that we forget to laugh or smile. Don’t take life to serious. Don’t get me wrong, there is a time to be serious. But don’t forget to keep your sense of humor. It will keep you happier. Smiling releases endorphins. You can literally laugh yourself to wellness. Did you know that is takes 75 muscles to frown and only 15 muscles to smile? Children smile 400 times a day, adults only 15 times a day or less. why do you think children are so happy?

Usually a lack of humor relates to an inflexible view on life. Laughter is a marvelous medicine that puts problems into perspective. The enzyme D-Lysozyme is secreted when you laugh so deeply that you shed tears. This enzyme actually boosts the immune system. Did you ever wonder why after laughing so deeply with tears running down and your side hurt that you feel so relaxed and stress free.

What are some strange paradoxes in your life that can make you laugh out loud? Don’t forget to smile a lot. Enjoy life no matter what it throws at you.

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