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Pain! What is it.

Pain! What is this that we feel many times in our lives. We may be surrounded with people that love us but still feel pain. What is it that makes us feel pain. Losing someone you love. Someone who has been part of your life for so many years. He was there when you first entered the world. He was there when you took your first steps. He was there when you said your first words, thought you how to ride a bike to drive a tractor, truck, get your license. He also instilled your work ethic your faith and respect of others. He was the one who woke you up at 7 Saturday morning as there was work to do. Even when you partied till 6AM. You knew you had work to do. You may have complained but it made you the person you are today. Yes he even made time to spend quality time with you. When you had pain, a crisis in your life he was there to lend an ear to listen and not judge. He gave you words of wisdom. He always had a joke to say, to make you laugh as he knew life was full of ups and downs. That was DAD. A man I will never forget. At times I still ask him for advise. I miss the conversations we had. Time heals the heart, yes it does but I still have the memories. Memories that will last my life time. They cannot be taken away. I still LOVE my dad. We all miss him. We still have your memories in our hearts to cherish forever. Today May 13 it has been eight years since you left us suddenly. How time moves at a rapid pace. It seems like yesterday that I got that dreadful call. DAD is gone. I seen him with my own eyes. So peaceful, resting eternally. You left us to soon, yet you lived a full life with no regrets. I miss you dearly. We all do. I still had so many questions to ask you. No one can erase the memories we have. Love you with all my heart. Till we meet again DAD.

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