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I have just written 2 of my obituaries. You never want to think of your mortality. But this is something we all should be thinking about. What legacy are we leaving behind? What are you leaving for God? What has he asked of you? Is there something you wanted to do and thought, I will do it later? Never leave that certain thing you wanted to do till later, you never know if later will ever come?

The other day I went to visit a friend in palliative care. This person I had wanted to talk to in many years. It’s one of those things where you say I will go and visit them and time slips away till it’s too late. I had thought for many years to go and see this person but never did. When I heard this man was in palliative care I decided its time I visit him. I would not have forgiven myself for not going to visit him in the hospital. God had been pushing me for a good many years, but I kept resisting. Now that I have visited him I feel so glad to have talked to this man and praying for him. This is God’s child as I am Gods child. I know for a fact God would not have been happy with me. He would have been disappointed with me for not extending my love for this man.

We are all called to do Gods work no matter how difficult it is. When I left this man’s room I stopped and prayed. I felt the need to pray. I left the hospital in peace but also have an emptiness in my heart. Knowing this was probably the last time I would see him. One thing he did tell me he was anxious to go home. He also said" I have a lot of people waiting for me."

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