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Lifes Encounters

A few weeks ago while on an Alberta adventure, we were privileged to meet a couple of wonderful retired gentlemen. They gazed around looking for a place to sit and have a rest. Since most of the tables were taken, they asked if they could join us, with hesitation we said of course.

We struck up a conversation and discovered that they had just finished a 10K hike. They had enjoyed the beautiful scenery, mountains in the background and the peaceful sound of running water and sunshine that the day had to offer.

As they nestled comfortably on the bench, one gentlemen reached into his cooler and pulled out some Cheezies and a couple of beers, they offered up some to us. Upon conversation we discovered that they have been friends for a long time, both retired bankers. They spend time together enjoying each other’s company and the beautiful outdoors. At the ages of 80 and 81, these men still lead a very active life, golfing, curling, hiking and yoga. They were wonderful men that filled our hearts with warmth, a lifetime of friendship and still each able to enjoy the others company. A gift that many others do not have the privilege to enjoy. In our travels, Lorie and I always seem to come across strangers that enrich our lives in some way, strangers that almost seem like friends when we depart. These men carry a lifetime of knowledge that most of us will never get to experience. Lorie stated to both of them how she loved working with seniors and how the elderly are like a library and as they leave this earth, volumes of wisdom and knowledge are gone. They were both very touched by her words. Hoping that one day we will go back to this spot and have the privilege of crossing paths with these 2 wonderful men again.

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