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Front line workers

I was thinking of the front line workers. What they have endured in the last two years. Not only the last two years, but what they do on a daily basis. What they do for every person that comes into a hospital or nursing home or into patients home. They have to deal with many situations. Whether it be admitting someone to the maternity ward, an accident victim, to someone with life threatening illness, someone who is terminally ill. They have to be professional, kind and compassionate.

Front line workers have feelings also, they have to deal with many deaths and heart aches. Have to deal with the families of patients. To have to tell the family of loved ones that their father, mother, husband, wife, son, daughter won’t make it. That is got to be the most difficult thing to have to say to someone. One of the most joyous thing they have to tell you, you have a new daughter or son. Their emotions must be on a constant roller coaster. From joyous to sadness.

This brought me thinking of 40 years ago when I was told that my older sister was dying from cancer. That is one of the most difficult things I had heard. Many things run through your mind. I think of what goes through the mind of front line workers when they have to tell someone that their loved ones only have so much time to live. Throughout their career they have had to say this many times. It never gets any easier.

We are all thinking and praying for you.

God bless all of you.

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