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New Years Blues

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Are you stuck in a rut? You have hit the gym on the first of the month and now you want to quit. You feel depressed. Its cold outside and you want to stay in because you don't want to face your life. You feel totally down and out.Your relationship sucks. Does this describe some of your feelings. We all have been there. We make New Years resolutions every year and they always end up the same, you quit before you make any progress. Its easier to quit than to make sacrifices. Much easier to watch TV than to work on yourself.

We are nearing the end of January. Let this year be different. Dig deep within yourself, and tell your self that you deserve better. You will not quit, you will persevere and keep going to the gym or better your relationship with your spouse. Yes this year is going to be different, you will make an impact on yourself and others by not quitting. Within a short time people will realize that you have changed your not the same person. You have become someone with drive, they see as happy, with a good outlook on life. They want to be around you as you have charisma, people are drawn to you. Believe in yourself push yourself you know you can do it. Don't give up. Yes you can have this. Go for it.

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