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My New Book

I have just finished my 1st book. It is being printed as I write this. This book is about mom and dads journey. How they coped and lived their lives after losing 2 daughters to cancer. How they strengthened their faith, their resolve to be there for their family, grand children, son in-laws. Then to lose a grand daughter in a car accident in 1994. To mom losing dad suddenly in 2013 to losing another grand daughter to cancer in 2016. Writing this book was not easy. I started writing this book in 2010 or thereabouts, dealing with the lose of dad in 2013 and a niece in 2016 . There were times that I wanted to give up. I wanted to tell mom, let's stop this let's not do this. Listening to dads voice in the recordings just brought on so many memories that at times I would cry, I missed dad. But I persevered and continued with many late nights and early mornings, before work. Its also a testament to the way my parents raised me to never give up. I also would like to thank mom for reliving her life which at times was not easy with the tragedies, but there were also many good times, which outweighed the difficult times. THANKS MOM. I kept persevering. I am so glad to have gone through and finished this book. Its an accomplishment that I am so proud of. Now that I have finished this first book, I have started writing my story. My life story of how it affected me to losing 2 sisters. How it affected with my relationship with my kids and my wife. I will keep you posted with my progress in regards to my book and anything else that happens.

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