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Emptiness, Nothingness!!

The feeling of loneliness or not being loved is one of the worse feeling you can feel. The feeling of emptiness of nothingness. These are no good feelings. Living with someone and not being loved, yes this is painful. You have to be open to yourself and spouse. Communication is so important and crucial. Think of the times you kept things inside and you become infuriated. What does that accomplish, absolutely nothing. This only compounds the problem. This only alienates you and your spouse or friends or coworkers. Think of the hurt this causes you and others around you. After the fact you realize how much you have hurt others. You can’t help it. What can be done!

What to do. You can ask for help. You can talk to someone who does not judge, listens and can guide you. Someone who understands whether it be a friend, coworker spouse even a phone call. Think about it we have to talk about it, you can’t keep this inside of you it will consume you, it will affect your everything, your sense of who you are, your very being. Yes your very being. This is not what or who you want to be. You want to be the person you are meant to be. The person you should be. .

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