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What is LIFE!!!

What is life? Life can be simple. Life can be happiness, rewarding, joy, fulfilling, love. But many times life can be cruel! We get thrown many different things at us. From work place noise to home noise to news noise. What makes sense of all this. Try to put it into perspective. Take one step at a time. Baby steps. But keep moving forward.

No one knows what you are going through. What your emotions are doing to you. Life passes us by. Before you know it your children are gone from home. Did you spend enough time with them. Were you there when they rode their bike for the first time. Their first day in school. The first time they went skating. Were you their when they spoke their first words. Were you there to heal their broken heart. To console them. Were you there when they got married, for your first grandchild. And the others that come after that.

How many things have you missed? We all know life gets in the way, but we have to make time to spend with our families. With our spouse, with our children, with our grand children, with our parents, with our siblings, with our extended families, with out friends. Lets take the time to listen, to really listen.

Don't let life pass you by. Live everyday to the fullest. How many people wish their lives away. They wish for this or that, for the weekend but never enjoy the moment. Don't sit in isolation. Go out and enjoy life. Go out and spend time with others. With family and friends. Its good for the soul. Its good for our mental health. Go out and enjoy the outdoors. There is nothing like spending time with nature. It revitalizes us. It rejuvenates us.


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