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Problem and Solution


So many of us think ourselves into smallness or nothingness, by thinking downward. We are held back by too much caution. We are scared of any new ventures and so we die slowly before we reach middle age. Struck down by our own caution and scardness (not just our health). Our lack of faith in our Creator and in ourselves.

Opportunities? There we many, but always there was risk involved. Do we dare to try? We procrastinate. Time hurries on and soon the opportunities are gone and then we complain and feel sorry for ourselves.

Finally, we just convince ourselves that it is too late, and we settle for cheap imitations of life. We envy the people who have life. The achievers. How lucky they are, how sad we are.


I chose a better way to live. From now on, I will take a risk and hug every opportunity that may provide a better life for me, my family and anyone who chooses to be my friend. It is better to keep moving forward, even if the energy is wasted, than to be buried forever in a hole somewhere on this earth. That will come soon enough.

I know I will despise myself later, if I look back on my life and realize that God gave me the talent and ability to do great things but I could not find the courage to try. I know what I can do and I know how little I have done. I have wasted away my opportunities like a child playing in a sandbox, that fills his hands with sand and then lets it all fall through his open fists. I know it’s not too late for me. I can still fill my hands.

I was created in the image of God. I was not created to fail. I have faith in God and myself. I can still shape a future of success and happiness and now I know that my achievements will never rise any higher than my faith in God and the abilities He gave me.

Defeat? Possible. Quit? Never again! With God as my guide, I never have to be or feel like a loser. EVER!

Together we can do it!

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