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My Obituary Part 2

As I look at my obituary I last wrote, I see where I have fallen short. Let’s try this again.

God opens the book of life.

God; “so Louis I see you have taken the opportunities I offered you. It’s exactly what you wanted and you embraced it. It did take you some time to go down this path. I did have to send you a few opportunities along the way. I had to really push you at times. But see how its helped everyone around you. You were scared but you pushed through. When you thought you could not go anymore I carried you. Because of your efforts and perseverance I held you hand and guided you. I know you made mistakes but that is how you learn. That is why I have given each and every one of my children free will. So you can explore and learn your skills. The skills and talents I gave you.

Now I have prepared a special place for you in my house. This is where I want all my children to be. I have a big house for all my children. Now let’s all gather together and rejoice.

Louis; “Thank you Lord. I know it was not easy, I had to push myself even when I had nothing left. There were many hidden turns where I did not know where to turn to, but you lead me on the right path. I know you were there to carry me when I could not anymore. Words cannot describe this experience, the journey to get here. I want to say THANK LORD for being there for me.”

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