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Grounding Yourself

Last weekend we headed out to Calgary to visit our daughter, husband and granddaughters. We have always loved the mountains and everything that comes with it. The fresh air, tranquility, trees, the mountains and running creeks. A day trip brought us out to Kananaskis Country, a beautiful day with lots of sun, calm and 9 degrees. You could not have asked for anything better. We stopped in a small area full of trails, BBQ pits and picnic tables. There were not many empty spots as many others had the same idea. Everything you need to spend quality time with family and friends. We had a small fire and roasted some hot dogs along with other treats. After a long winter the taste of those roasted hot dogs were divine. After we had eaten, we nestled ourselves down by the running water that was surrounded by beautiful river rock and let the gentle rays of the sun warm our faces and soothe our souls. The sound of running water was so heavenly. My daughter had perched herself on a larger rock next thing I knew she was laying on the river rock. I asked her what she was doing, her response was “I am grounding myself, reconnecting with nature”. So good for the body mind and spirit.

I thought about this and what a better way to restore yourself. To revitalize yourself. As I say many times recharging yourself. I find this truly original. There are many ways to recharge, from running bare feet in the grass to laying on the ground. Nature has a way to recharge the soul. And believe me we need this now more than ever.

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