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How many of you feel that people are less friendly than last spring. I remember walking with my family last spring. When you meet someone we all greeted each other with a smile and a hello. We were glad to be outdoors and greeting each other. With most all activities closed. We wanted to get outdoors from being indoors for the winter. It was a time of new awakening. We wanted to start fresh.

The other day I was walking by the river downtown, I meet 2 woman and they smiled and said hello. This spring that has become a rarity. Further down I meet another person and she avoided eye contact. She did not want to acknowledge me. This has become the norm. Now this spring when you meet someone walking they cant get away from you fast enough. There is not even a hello never mind not even eye contact. We have become so self centered and righteous. If someone does not agree with you you are targeted as a radical. no matter what side of the fence you are on.

The point being we have regressed as a society. We don't want to speak to anyone. We have forgotten the art of conversation. As a society where do we go from here. Where do we go.

what do we do going forward. I don't see us starting off where we left. We have to bury our differences and move forward. Life is to fragile to keep these differences. Even if we believe in what we believe, we still have to live life together as family, friends, neighbors, provinces, nations and the rest of the world.

But please don't think your way is the only way. There is always two sides to a story. Lets move past this and join together as I know we can. We are better than this. Lets rise above this, all of us and join forces to make this world a better place. Lets live in harmony and be family, friends, neighbors, provinces and nations again. Lets rejoice in what we have, our freedom to chose. To chose in what we believe in. Whether it be one side or another. We have always had differences and gotten along. We can do this again and be a better place. Lets join together and build a better today and an even better tomorrow.

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