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Don't take anything for granted!!

My neighbors spouse passed away a few weeks ago. It sure makes you think about life. Puts everything into perspective. Live life like there is no tomorrow. Because you never know. You never know what tomorrow brings. Live life to the fullest. Live today as it were your last one. With that I mean live life with no regrets.

Should I have made time for them. It could as simple as a HELLO. How are you doing? Do you need help with this or that. Even a short phone conversation. It can be very simple but you don't know how that can help this person. Maybe this person is at the end of their rope. Maybe they have lost their job or a loved one. All they need at that moment is a simple hello.

All I am saying is be the best version of yourself. As they say in sports "leave nothing on the table". Give it your all. Tell your spouse you LOVE them. give them a hug. Kiss them before you leave for work. Live life to be the best of who you are.

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